Sept. 12th - My Journey from U of C Grad to Working at One of the World's Top Internet Brands by Masud Khan

Where did the summer go? It just seems like yesterday that we were wrapping up the 2012/2013 season with a great presentation from Jonathan Rasmusson, and here it is and we're already ready talking about September's session. We're starting off CAMUG's 2013/2014 season with a great presentation by Masud Khan. Masud is living the dream, having been recruited from the U of C by no less than Amazon, where he currently works, and is based out of beautiful Seattle, Washington.

May 8th 2013 - Who moved my Agile Cheese? with Jonathan Rasmusson

"No unit tests. No continuous integration. No TDD."
That pretty much summarizes my last project. It was my first paying iOS gig, and not only did we not apply these cherished software engineering practices, we shipped a high quality product. Even worse I couldn’t explain why. This experience with iOS challenged some deeply cherished beliefs I had about developing software and led me to ask myself some very uncomfortable questions.

April 4th - Don't Be Lazy - Iterate Faster! with Kris Read

When I ask teams how long their iterations are, I hear two to six weeks. "We found that was just what worked best for us." These teams are often very succesful, delivering software following a busy but comfortable and repeatable routine. This talk confronts the complacency of agile teams head-on. I'll explain why it's important to increase iteration speed one day at a time, who's responsible, and how to go about it. The goal of this talk is to help audiences understand and identify the bad habits they may not even realize they've developed.

March 7th 2013 - Ever hear the one about the business guy, the developer and his manager?

Sounds like the next thing should be the punch line! But seriously, folks, ever hear of the Business Guy talking at an Agile user group? This talk is your chance to hear about successful Agile projects from his perspective, and then from the Development Manager, and then one of the Developers.

Feb. 14th - Going Offshore with Agile: A First Hand Account with Bryan Dyck

Abstract and Agenda: Off-shoring software development has become increasingly popular over the last 15 years, but many organizations that try it have had mixed results and many are starting to bring their development back onshore. With 9 years of experience working with offshore and onshore teams, Bryan will describe his history in transitioning a remote team from a waterfall methodology to Agile as well as some of the pros and cons in using offshore teams in a distributed Agile environment.

Jan. 10th, 2013 - Concept-to-Cash: Driving Value with Lean at iStockphoto with Scott Gibson-Craig

Abstract and Agenda:
iStockphoto is one of the most exciting, and yet underreported, made-in-Calgary success stories. Founded in 2000 by Bruce Livingstone for the purposes of distributing stock photographic images, it eventually grew to attract the attention of Getty Images of Seattle. This eventually concluded in iStockphoto’s acquisition in 2006 for $50 million.

Dec. 6th 2012 - Applying Craftsmanship by Pete McBreen

Abstract and Agenda:
When one of our members approached us and said that Pete McBreen's Software Craftsmanship was "the most influential book I've ever read on building and managing software teams", we knew it was time to track Pete down and ask him to come and share his experiences with us. We simply couldn't believe so much time had gone by, when Pete subtitled his presentation What Does 20 Years of Improvement Look Like?

Nov 3rd - CAMUG Special Event: Live Coding Session with Jean-Paul Boodhoo

It took some persistent coercion and creative arm twisting, but we are pleased to announce another CAMUG Special Event, wherein Jean-Paul (JP) Boodhoo will lead a four hour mini-bootcamp where "you will be kickstarted with an introduction to the Ruby language. Core language constructs will be introduced in the context of test driving out a simple problem set that will serve as the backdrop for learning the basics." This is a typical JP understatement, as listen to what fellow CAMUG members, and software rock stars in their own right, have to say about JP:

Nov 1st 2012: How to Be Awesome at Failing by John Mortimer

Despite having an increasingly broad set of tools and well documented agile practices at their disposal, many organizations still struggle to realize the full potential of their agile development team. This presentation will take you through a deep-dive look at real world agile implementations that John has contributed to, and will offer some insights and advice that will help you radically boost your team’s strength and deliver products that your customers love.

Oct. 4th - The Pragmatic Professional by Mike Haden

Abstract: Developing software is difficult and challenging, particularly in the world of conflicting business priorities, customers with vague requirements, shifting and ever-changing technologies, and ever-present time constraints. Different methods, practices, and frameworks have all been developed to help make building great software easier, and some of them actually do.


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