Jan 8th - Meeting Facilitation: A Foundational Skill for Agile Leaders with Dave Robertson

“The most efficient and effective method of conveying information to and within a development team is face-to-face conversation.” The Agile Manifesto

Agile methods rely on effective group discussions as a principle for success. Stand-up meetings, the estimating game, pair programming and retrospectives are all forms of well-structured dialogue that help teams share insights and form meaningful consensus that teams can act on. Many Agile practitioners can use these techniques without the benefit of understanding what consensus-building really is or how it works.

Nov 15 - Global Code Retreat Day in Calgary

Code retreat is a day long, intensive practice event, focusing on the fundamentals of software development and design. By providing developers the opportunity to take part in focused practice, away from the pressure of "getting things done", the code retreat format have proven itself to be a highly effective means of skill improvement. Practicing the basic principles of modular and object-oriented design, developers can improve their ability to write code that minimizes the cost of change over time.

Nov 6 - Lean Product Management: How to effectively validate your product or idea? - Dave Sharrock

The rise of the Lean Startup has led to a deeper understanding of the importance of validating business ideas, from new features to new business models. But many tools available to the Product Owner aren't adapted to rapid validation. Starting from the principles and practices of agile product management, from defining the product vision to creating story maps and refining the product backlog, you will learn about key practices that incorporate the lean startup principles, allowing a Product Owner to bring the build-measure-learn cycle alive and ultimately earn more value more quickly.

Oct 2 - How to crowdfund your million dollar idea - Roii Patterson

Do you have a million-dollar idea that needs help overcoming funding challenges? For our October 2nd session we have Roii Patterson giving us some insights on "How to crowdfund your million dollar idea".

Sept 4 - Mapping Out Agile Product Management with Mack Adams

Welcome back from summer holidays CAMUG members! For the start of the season we have an out-of-town guest, Mack Adams, presenting "Mapping Out Agile Product Management".

With the continued adoption of Agile development practices across both small and large enterprises, organizations must also consider impacts outside of the development domain.

Game of Life Code Retreat for BDD by Dave King

Game of Life Code Retreat for BDD


We'll do four pair programming sessions on Conway's Game of Life.
After each session we'll have a brief retrospective. At the start of
each session, we'll start with a blank slate and a new partner.

May 24, 2014: AngularJS by S.M. Sohan

Have you tried it yet?

Let's code a simple AngularJS application and make it rock. AngularJS is a full-fledged client side MVC framework developed mostly by Google that aims to minimize boiler-plate JavaScript code. It is unlike most other client-side MVC frameworks and can be quite challenging to get started with. However, we'll learn the basics by developing our AngularJS app together during this session.

Wishing just like me, after you've coded your first AngularJS app, you'll either use it on your project or will miss it badly!

About S.M. Sohan:

The Introvert’s Agile Survival Guide with Ken Howard

According to best-selling author Susan Cain, introverts are often discriminated against in our extrovert-dominated society.  Although approximately two thirds of people in the United States are considered extroverts, many business professionals are introverts.  Many popular best practices for working in teams, however, tend to favor the extrovert, leaving introverts with a frequent feeling of being yanked outside their comfort zone.

Fitchett on Phidgets: Calgary’s Most Unusual and Exciting Lean/Agile Start-Up Success Story

Abstract: One of the hottest technology trends is the Internet of Things (IoT), where the web will extend its reach into all of the devices that surround us. Sensors are an integral part of IoT, and Chester Fitchett positioned himself perfectly when he founded Phidgets to commercialize a broad range of USB-compliant environmental sensors and related products. If he had started it recently, that would be interesting.


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