Continuous Delivery Is Prime Time with Kris Read

The chips have fallen; within companies that treat software development process as a competitive advantage, CD has won out over iterations, release cycles, sprints and scrum.

Amazon was deploying code changes on average every minute - five years ago. Facebook releases multiple times a day. From Github to LinkedIn to Netflix, the list goes on and on. Continuous Delivery isn't something for startups or cowboys or unicorns. HP reduced development costs by 40% over agile. Wired called it "the software revolution behind gushing profits."

Experiments in Empowerment

Empowered teams boast increased levels of responsibility and engagement while allowing organizations to tap into the collective power of every individual's ideas. But what does it take to foster a culture that breaks free of the leader-follower mindset and what does an empowered team look like? Hear from the current leadership, alumni and the empowered teams themselves at Oildex as they take you through their breakthrough realization and a decade of real-world experimentation in team empowerment.

Successes and Missteps on the Journey to Enterprise Agility with Mike Heinrich

Agility at an enterprise level is no easy task. Any number of factors can create roadblocks to adoption, be it lack of leadership buy-in, lack of organizational maturity, competing interests from third-parties, or competing priorities. Sometimes, what could be considered fertile ground to sow the seeds of agile can be the most difficult situation to create sustainable adoption and some of the most powerful success stories emerge from the most unlikely places.

Evolving Remote Work Capability with Clinton Begin

Every day 361,000 Calgarians travel through the downtown core, most of them for work related reasons. Half of those people drive. The other half stuff themselves into an overcrowded public transit system. The morning rush hour alone sees 30,000 cars compress into expensive downtown parking spaces. Many people travel to their office job to sit in a cubicle and email someone who sits 30ft away. Many such office jobs could be done just as effectively while working remotely. But that was a problem in 2014, and one that we would probably be happy to have back.

Designing Information-Rich Solutions with Martin Stares Dec 3rd

Please join us on Thursday, December 3rd for a session by Martin Stares titled "Designing Information-Rich Solutions". This session focuses on Information Architecture and User-Centered Design, two very crucial topics that arguably do not get enough attention from the agile development process.


Global Day of Coderetreat in Calgary, Nov. 14th

Hi CAMUG Members,
We're once again sponsoring the Global Day of Coderetreat, Calgary Edition. Please join our facilitator, Tony Vo, for a day-long, intensive practice event, focusing on the fundamentals of software development and design.

A Systems-Thinking Approach to Test Automation with Gerard Meszaros

Hi CAMUG Members,
We're excited to announce a renowned Agile-Veteran, Gerard Meszaros, who will be presenting at the next CAMUG session on "A Systems-Thinking Approach to Test Automation". Join us Thursday, November 5th, for an informative session on the state of agile testing from one of the earliest adopters of the topic!

The Agile Architect by Chris Edwards

Hi CAMUG Members,
Please join us October 1st for our next session titled: The Agile Architect by Chris Edwards.

Building a Sustainable Agile Organization: A Leadership-Driven Approach

Hi CAMUG Members,
Welcome back from the summer break! For our first session on September 3rd, we have a local expert, Sean Dunn presenting: Building a Sustainable Agile Organization: A Leadership-Driven Approach.


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