The Journey to Continuous Deployment with Steven Kenway

Over the last seven years, repree experienced growth as a company and a product. With this growth, the repree team needed a faster, safer means to build its software, while focusing on product up-time and reliability. There was one approach that perfectly fit the criteria – continuous deployment.

Repree’s CTO, Steven Kenway will take you through a detailed journey of the team’s shift to continuous deployment. On their journey, Steven and his team engaged with local subject matter experts, reviewed other companies’ experiences and reached out to CAMUG to provide a new perspective on development lifecycles. This presentation will take the audience through repree’s old processes of sprints and planned releases, to shipping new code to production multiple times a day without downtime – each step of the journey will be shared!

As a Project Management Professional, Steven has a proven track record managing multi-million dollar projects and building high performance teams to develop technical solutions for business needs. Backed by a Computer Science Degree from Queen’s University, Steven leads the development team’s quest to build repree’s user-centric Real Estate Online Business Manager.