Full Stack Testing: Modern, Pragmatic Approaches to the Test Role with Dave Woods

At SMART our “full stack” runs from hardware and embedded to web and mobile. There’s a lot of testing to be done, and not just by people with tester in their title. In the age of continuous delivery, Devops, user analytics and Javascript frameworks allowing developers to write pretty great tests themselves, what should a tester really be doing? As always it depends on the context. I will share how we make test a valued role in our projects, and how we have evolved what we do over the last 2-3 years to remain effective as our products have changed. If you are wondering when, where and whether to employ someone in a test role, this talk can help guide you.


Dave Woods has been breaking software since 1996. He has worked for Canadian, British, German, American and Taiwanese companies, all from right here in Cowtown. He currently leads a test team at SMART Technologies that is responsible for a software solution used by millions of teachers and students every day. He does not have any agile certifications but does have lots of stories and opinions, some of which are backed by experience.