Agile Lifeguard: Building the right culture can save your agile transformation

Use Mission, Vision, and Values to build a healthy agile culture you can lean into when the tide rolls.

There is frequent discussion about how a healthy agile culture is imperative to the agile transformation, but how do we develop or grow that culture with intention? This talk discusses how the development of a Mission, Vision, and Values statement can become the foundation for a healthy agile culture, and a lifesaver when the going gets tough. Using real world examples from software and the classroom, I will discuss how Mission, Vision, and Values are the first step toward creating organizational alignment that is necessary to enable agility and the self-organization of teams. I will also talk about how we can lean into that culture (instead of our old habits!) when teams are struggling, deadlines are looming, or we feel like we are sinking in the face of criticism or doubt.


Melissa Boggs is a Certified Scrum Professional, and an all around agile enthusiast. She began her personal agile transformation in 2010. She currently acts as an agile coach for a tech-ed company harnessing their agile instincts. She is fascinated with company cultures and how they inspire (or conversely, demotivate) individuals to become amazing. She is happily married to an English teacher who does not understand technology at all, but employs the Scrum values and framework in his classroom. With two gorgeous and talented children who want to be ScrumMasters when they grow up, they are are an "agile family" even using scrum to organize the household!

Additional Details

Come at 6pm and enjoy complimentary food and refreshments. The session itself runs from 6:30pm to 7:30pm with a question period and networking afterwards. We're in the Atrium at as soon as you walk in the front doors. Parking is free in front of the building after 5pm!
Special thanks to our sponsors Innovate Calgary for the venue, eCompliance, Quadrus Development Inc., Brightspot Consulting, Solium and Oildex for the food and refreshments.