Oct 6 - Distributed Scrum with Louise Kidney and Maryana Bukhanets

The early agile literature was adamant about two things: stick with small teams and put everyone in one room. However, in the years since the Agile Manifesto, the increasing popularity of agile and the dramatic improvements with the 12 types of Agile Methodologies available and larger projects being delivered on a global scale, Distributed Scrum has evolved.

Supporting Distributed Scrum Teams is never going to be easy. The very cornerstones of Scrum – transparency, openness, self-organization – are all more difficult for a distributed team to practice. Communication and collaboration will not be organic, and team-building will be challenging. Lean Thinking is becoming a point of reference for teams.

Achieving success in a distributed team is something that the whole Scrum stakeholders needs to continuously improve upon. This session will provide you with some unique ways to keep the motivation going and to be as prepared as possible to overcome challenges facing organizations today.


Louise Kidney is an experienced IT management professional with a proven track record in aligning IT strategies to core business objectives and delivering innovative solutions across an array of business disciplines. As an accomplished strategist in IT Portfolio Management, systems design and implementation, product development, and business communication, Louise has utilized her skills across numerous industries and Fortune 500 companies and is also known for pioneer the internet growth in Alberta through the Alberta SuperNet.

Maryana Bukhanets: 10+ years in IT on different roles (including Scrum Master and Agile Ambassador) and positions (Project Coordinator, QA Manager etc). My main focus and interest areas are: project coordination, service delivery and project management methodologies implementation, QA team setup and leadership (automation/manual). Business areas: Retail, e-Commerce, Human Resource etc.