Accelerated Agile Testing: Harnessing the Power of Exploratory Testing presented by Christin Wiedemann

Exploratory testing provides both flexibility and speed—characteristics that are vitally important with the quick pace of short agile iterations. But how do you obtain traceability without losing creativity? How do you actually manage testing that is unscripted and at least partially improvised? A common misconception is that exploratory testing is by its very nature always unplanned, undocumented and un-measurable. One way to introduce more structure and documentation is to manage the testing as pre-defined, time-boxed sessions.

In this presentation, Christin will explain how she uses time-boxed exploratory test sessions on projects to obtain maximum efficiency—only creating test documentation that actually adds value. Using a mock example, Christin will describe the workflow on an agile project, covering all the steps from test planning and executing through reporting. Her focus will be on sharing practical examples and providing a range of flexible tools that you can immediately apply on almost any project, whether agile or not.

After eleven years as an astro-particle physicist, Christin Wiedemann brings her logical and analytical problem-solving skills to the world of testing. Six years into her new career, Christin is still eager to learn, looking for new ways to test more efficiently, constantly trying new approaches and keen to share her experiences. In her roles as tester, test lead, trainer and speaker, she uses her scientific background and pedagogic abilities to continually develop her own skills and those of others. Co-creator of the exploratory testing approach xBTM, Christin lives in Vancouver, where she has joined Professional Quality Assurance Ltd. Follow Christin on Twitter @c_wiedemann or visit her blog