May 8th 2013 - Who moved my Agile Cheese? with Jonathan Rasmusson

"No unit tests. No continuous integration. No TDD."
That pretty much summarizes my last project. It was my first paying iOS gig, and not only did we not apply these cherished software engineering practices, we shipped a high quality product. Even worse I couldn’t explain why. This experience with iOS challenged some deeply cherished beliefs I had about developing software and led me to ask myself some very uncomfortable questions.

  • Was I regressing in my development practices?
  • Were unit tests not essential?
  • Was there something different about iOS development?
  • And how did the iOS community ship quality product, without unit tests at their core?

These questions and others will be explored in this keynote that Jonathan presented last year at Agile Quebec 2012.

Jonathan Rasmusson is the author of The Agile Samurai. As an experienced entrepreneur and former agile coach for ThoughtWorks, Jonathan has consulted internationally, helping others find better ways to work and play together. When not coaching his sons’ hockey teams or cycling to work in the throes of a Canadian winter, Jonathan can be found sharing his experiences on iPhone development and Agile delivery methods at his blog, The Agile Warrior.

SB 142 (Science B 142) - University of Calgary (this is not our usual ICT room as we needed a bigger room to accommodate our members)

Wednesday May 8th, 2013 (this has been moved from our first Thursday of the month)
6:00 - 6:30 Snacks
6:30 - 7:30 Presentation

Special thanks to our Gold Sponsor Pason Systems Ltd., the Calgary-based, leading global provider of specialized data management systems for land-based and offshore rigs worldwide. Thanks also to the University of Calgary for contributing the use of facilities and Intellog Inc. for providing refreshments and sponsorship of the group.