Dec. 6th 2012 - Applying Craftsmanship by Pete McBreen

Abstract and Agenda:
When one of our members approached us and said that Pete McBreen's Software Craftsmanship was "the most influential book I've ever read on building and managing software teams", we knew it was time to track Pete down and ask him to come and share his experiences with us. We simply couldn't believe so much time had gone by, when Pete subtitled his presentation What Does 20 Years of Improvement Look Like?

His talk addresses the practicality of software craftsmanship. In a corporate culture that considers a senior developer needs only five years of experience, the ideas associated with craftsmanship can seem strange and impractical. But considering the sorry state of most corporate software, there is an opening for alternative approaches to software development and maintenance. This talk proposes some initial steps along the path to Applying Craftsmanship.

About Pete McBreen:
Pete McBreen is the author of Software Craftsmanship and Questioning Extreme Programming. He is an independent consultant who actually enjoys writing and delivering software. Despite spending a lot of time writing, teaching and mentoring, he does hands-on coding on a live project every year. Pete specializes in finding creative solutions to problems that software developers face. After many years of working on formal and informal process improvement initiatives, he took a sideways look at the problem and realized, "Software development is meant to be fun. If it isn't, the process is wrong." Pete lives in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada and has no plans to move back to a big city. He blogs at

Additional Details:
This is the fourth session in the Fall/Winter CAMUG season, and we're delighted to have Pete come and speak to CAMUG. Come at 6.00 and enjoy some pre-Christmas, complementary refreshments. The session itself runs from 6.30 to 7.30. If you have not attended previous sessions this year, be aware that we have new venue: ICT 516, and that our regular night is now Thursday.

Special thanks to our Gold Sponsor Pason Systems Ltd., the Calgary-based, leading global provider of specialized data management systems for land-based and offshore rigs worldwide. Thanks also to the University of Calgary for contributing the use of facilities and Intellog Inc. for providing refreshments and sponsorship of the Meetup group.

ICT 516 - University of Calgary

6:00 - 6:30 Snacks
6:30 - 7:30 Presentation