May 1st 2012: Agile Case Study by Dave Rose

A Calgary-based company with strong growth in their eProcurement business had captured a significant amount of the Canadian Oil & Gas market and were ready to expand into the US. A limiting factor was their legacy eProcurement system built particularly for one major customer. Business growth, along with their flexible solution offering had strained the system’s capability. Too many patches and work-arounds made it risky to enhance further for the US market. With a successful round of investment, they were positioned to take their learning and design to build a system that would take them to the next level. Dave Rose, a Project Manager, was hired to lead the project. A pure Agile methodology was already adopted by the company before he came. Dave, like many PM's, had dabbled in Agile but had never embraced the full philosophy. Some of the tenets had him a bit skeptical. But he was interested in seeing how a pure Agile project could be done so he agreed. Jonathan Rasmusson, a well known local Agile expert, was also hired to assist the team. This case study follows their progress from start-up until the first major release and beyond, where they struggled with supporting the Production system, while preparing for the next phase. It outlines what worked and what challenges they had with implementing Agile on a migration project.

Dave Rose has been a Project Manager for over 20 years. He started managing the implementation of turnkey medical office systems in 1990 and has progressed to managing software development and infrastructure projects in a wide range of businesses and environments. Dave has developed expertise in managing the development of web-based systems including SaaS and portal based solutions. His PM approach has evolved from waterfall through hybrid RUP, Scrum, and Agile techniques to the focused Agile methodology employed on this project. He has a BSc Computer Science from the University of Manitoba and his PMP designation from PMI.

ICT 121 University of Calgary

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