Mar. 6th 2012 - Guided By Tests: O-O Design and Test-Driven Development by Mike Stockdale

You've read about all the 'best practices', you've installed all the latest tools and frameworks, but somehow it doesn't quite feel like you're getting the benefits of agile development. Test-Driven Development is a simple concept that completely changes the way we design software. Instead of trying to remember and apply a long list of rules, we can use feedback from the TDD process to guide us in making our own informed design decisions. The act of writing a test becomes a design activity that clarifies our requirements and shows where our design is rigid or unfocused. This talk highlights a few of the basic principles of object-oriented design and test-driven development that will help us build flexible, maintainable and robust software. We'll dispell a few myths, look at some code and discuss some common problems that developers encounter.

About Mike Stockdale:

Mike Stockdale is the founder and principal software developer of Syterra Software ( His focus is on software craft, automated testing and performance tuning of enterprise application software. He wrote his first code in Fortran, on punched cards. Not too agile back then. He was introduced to agile by Gerard Meszaros in 2001 and continues to seek better ways of delivering software. He works for a variety of corporate and government clients and in the open source community as the lead developer for the fitSharp project ( His random thoughts appear at and occasionally at

ICT 121 University of Calgary

6:00 - 6:30 Snacks
6:30 - 7:30 Presentation