Nov 1st: Applying Agile to IC Development... We're Not That Different After All! by Neil Johnson

Agile software development methods have been adapted to and applied in a number of other areas. ASIC/FPGA development, however, with its big bang development and delivery model is an area where agile is strangely absent. This talk examines how agile methods in the following areas may be used to gradually displace the big bang model: * feature based, incremental development * early/sustained collaboration between design, test, modeling and embedded software experts * regular retrospectives Included are ideas for how agile may best be introduced to hardware teams.

Neil Johnson has over 12 years of hardware design and verification experience working with such companies as Altera, Neterion, Flextronics, and Nextwave Wireless. He is currently a Principal Consultant at XtremeEDA working with various clients in telecom, networking, wireless, and computer hardware. He actively contributes to the agile community advocating hardware development using lean and agile development principles. His most recent talk was at Agile 2011 Conference in Salt Lake City this past August.

Presentation: agile to ic development.pdf